Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Kevin, I live in Surrey in the south of England and in case you are wondering about the blog’s name, I got the nickname Racquetball Kevin a few years ago.  A group of friends where having a few drinks Steve, Graham, John, Tony, Kevin and myself.  You see the problem.

Whenever someone said “Kevin” two of us looked round.  so the group decided to give the two Kevins a nickname each.  After a few suggestions, some I can’t repeat in print, we decided to call my friend Kevin, Mechanic Kevin, as that was his job.    As I was, at the time, “between” jobs the group were at a bit of a loss for my nickname until John said, “Kevin, what do you do all day when we’re all out at work?”. I replied “well, today I’ve been playing racquetball”, since then the name has stuck – Racquetball Kevin.



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