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SG Men’s Full Zip Fleece from Ulterior MotifsI was at the racquet ball club last week looking around at the other players as was look at what people wear when the play indoor racquet sports.  Normally, some old baggy T shirt that is falling apart and a pair of shorts.  The right shoes are obviously important but it was the T shirts that got me thinking.  If we go out to play in competitions we should all be wearing the same T shirts with our team name or logo on it.  This would give us a more professional look and could also boost our moral and give us more confidence to win some matches.  We could also get some promotional fleeces to wear before and after the match so our name gets recognised on and off of the court.

Perhaps we could use this not only to promote our team but to promote our club as well.  If all club members had some branded clothing that they liked to wear off court this could spread the word about our club and draw in new members.  I found a supplier on the Internet who could provide us with printed and embroidered clothing.  I think an embroidered logo would look great on our T shirts.  This would be great for the team but I was considering getting promotional clothing products to giveaway as well.  I found another site that supplies promotional products and branded merchandise.  I could go mad on their site.  Not only can I get T shirts branded with the club’s logo I could get promotional pens, mugs, golf umbrellas, drink bottle and loads of other types of promotional gifts.

I think that these promotional giveaways are a great idea, it gets your club or business name out there.  Give someone a nice pen with your name or logo on it and every time they use it they will be reminded of you.  And if they lend it to someone lese to use they also will be made aware of you.

So watch out for pens, mugs and all sorts of stuff with our racquet ball club on it.